We are proud of our vast collection of library books and we continually update them with more recent ones. Our library is accessible to all current students and outsiders. Outsiders will however have to discuss formally with a designated Bethel staff on how to gain access to our library.

Accessing JSTOR

We are pleased to inform you that through collaborations with JSTOR we have extended our library collection by gaining assess to JSTOR at no cost to you. JSTOR is an online database, a library which has millions of articles, books and resources for every subject that there is in the world. You will find many articles and books that are relevant to your field of study and beyond. You can read them online and even download them freely as you wish. We encourage you to use this opportunity judiciously. But note however that you must maintain academic integrity as you use these materials. This includes but is not restricted to proper referencing, no plagiarisms among other things. JSTOR has terms and conditions that you should read and must not violate. The college will not take responsibility for the errors of any student. To assess this resource, you will be given the login details of the college through your email, a text message or whatever personal method you prefer. This information is private and for your personal use. No student is permitted to share this information with anyone else, especially those outside of Bethel. Any outsider seeking access to JSTOR should contact me directly for our access details. I hope you will welcome this as favourable development and that this resource will help you all in your academic journey here in Bethel and beyond.

Yours truly,