Open Day Lectures

Annually, on the 1st of October, Bethel holds “Open Day” lectures; but if the any October 1, falls on a Sunday, the program will hold on Monday the 2nd of October. Apart from October 1 lectures, we sometimes hold occasional lectures that is equally open to all. These Open Day lectures are full of powerful and controversial biblical interpretations, apart from that, the lectures are full of wisdom and in-depth academic and spiritual expositions of selected Bible passages, most of them are now published in two books mainly: “The Church is in Trouble: Where is the Saviour?”and “Why & When Would You Die?”

Some of the past topics are:

S/N Topic Year
1 Nigeria as the dry bones, where is Ezekiel?
2 Satan’s on the Pulpit
3 Pastors Viruses and Pastors’ Killers
4 Pastors in Love with Jezebel!
5 Biblical Funerals Then and Now
6 Satanic Theological Seminary
7 Biblical Masquerades
8 The Business of Sin
9 The Gospel of Trouble
10 The Gospel According to Judas
11 Satanic GSM
12 Calvary Heroes, Errors and Erroneous Heroes
13 The Problems of God
14 The Wages of God and the Wages of Satan
15 Theology of Conflicts – Kings vs. Prophets
16 Irregularities of God
17 The Duplicates of Satan (October 2009)
18 Illegal Drivers of God
19 Irrational Theology October 1, 2011
20 When and Why will you Die October 1, 2012
21 Expired Covenant October 1, 2013
22 Babylonian Citizens Then & Now October 1, 2014
1 Biblical Divinations October 1, 2015